Graduate Additions

About Your Policy – Mobile Phone Insurance


Mobile Phone Insurance is an inclusive benefit of your Barclays Graduate Additions account. This gives you the peace-of-mind of knowing that your phone(s) and SIM card are covered worldwide for:

  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Damage
  • Breakdown (including faults)
  • The cost of unauthorised network charges (call, data, etc.) up to £2,000 for Pay Monthly phones or £100 for Pay As You Go phones, per claim

We’ll also cover accessories up to a combined retail price of £250 per claim.

Here is some key information about your Mobile Phone Insurance policy. Full details can be found in the terms and conditions.

You can register one phone for sole accounts and two phones for a joint account – each phone must be owned by or the responsibility of the account holder(s).

Your phone is covered for incidents which occur while you’re abroad - we’ll arrange the repair or replacement when you return to the UK.

You can make a maximum of two successful claims in any 12 month period.

Successful claims will be subject to a policy excess. The table below shows the amount which apply.

Claim typeDamageLoss or theft
Apple iPhones £50 £100
All other handsets £25 £50

All claims should be registered with Lifestyle Services Group (the mobile phone insurance administrator) within 28 days of discovering the incident - you can do this online or by telephone.

Claims involving loss or theft should be report to the Police as soon as possible – please make a note of the incident reference number provided by the Police as you will need to write this on your claim form. If the Police will not give you a loss report number, please note the location of the Police station and the badge number of the officer you spoke to.

You will need to have reported the incident to your network provider to block your SIM card. This policy only covers unauthorised network charges incurred up to 24 hours from the point of discovery of the incident.

All figures are inclusive of VAT.

Here’s a reminder of the Mobile Phone Insurance main exclusions:

  • SIM cards or accessories where there has not been a valid claim for the phone
  • Theft, loss, damage or breakdown where you have knowingly put your mobile phone at risk or you have not taken care of it. Examples are provided in the “What you are NOT covered for” section of the Policy Document, which you should read to help you understand the cover
  • More than 2 instances that give rise to an accepted claim in any 12 month period for each account holder.
  • The cost of cosmetic repairs

Full exclusions can be found in your Policy Document.